AI was top keyword in Afternic sales in May

AI, bet, and health jump up the charts.   Afternic has published a list of the top 20 keywords in   domains   sold on its aftermarket platform in May.   AI led the list, and this doesn't surprise me. Five of the 29 domains I've sold this year have AI in them, with the latest coming this month.   Here's the full list:   AI my group health bet solutions life home tech pro living global real online best your shop get homes House   Compared to a couple of months prior, AI, bet, and health showed nice gains.   You'll notice that many of the top keywords are also top level domains. Many new TLD applicants looked at common words in registered domains to come up with their lists.   In fact, only three of the domains on the list that were eligible to be new TLDs are not top level domains: .real, .your, and .get. These make better prefixes than suffixes.   Source from Domain Name Wire   Domain Name - Register Domain - Transfer Domain - Bitcoin - USDT .COM $11.99, .ORG $12.99, .HK

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  A   " smart pole "   company, a daycare finder, and a green energy company bought   domain names .   This week, Sedo released sales lists for the last three weeks. In this post, I uncover some of the end user sales from the July 16 report.   Sedo has always been strong with ccTLD domains, and the July 16 report is a great example. It included 30 ccTLD domains compared to just 16 .com. Of course, the list isn ' t a complete picture. Sedo only includes sales of $2,000 or more, and some sales are private.   Here ' s a list of end user domain name sales from the July 16 list. You can view previous lists like this here. $100,000 - There was an existing site on this domain, so the buyer might have paid extra for SEO value. The new site is more than just a mental health site. In fact, the top article today is about getting rid of belly fat. That seems like a way to make people more anxious. $5,000 - Flowcart is a Shopify add-on to sell outdoor

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  A web3 game developer, an interior designer, and a Hawaiian news publication bought   domains .   Sedo sent out public sales for the past three weeks earlier this week. I already covered the first week of end user sales, and this post covers the second two weeks. $10,000 - Hytopia is a web3 game under development. $9,999 - Network Media is an influencer marketing company. $6,000 - Devmark is a real estate marketing business in the UAE. $5,133 - IoT Tag is an asset tracking business.   EURO   5,000 - Kipp engineers and manufactures clamping tools, standard components, and operating parts.   AsiaPokerTour .com $5,000 - This domain forwards to TheAsianPokerTour .com, which covers a poker tour in Asia. $5,000 - Peticard International is a pet products company. $5,000 - Solutional is an interior designer. $4,995 - After reviewing the site, I ’ m getting flashbacks to the movie