Want to know why these domains sold for so much? Recent SEO Domain Sales Explained

  Want to know why these domains sold for so much? Recent SEO Domain Sales Explained   To help fill in some of the gaps you may find yourself facing when looking at the   " domains that sold at auction "   recently, where you see some absolutely garbage-looking domain names selling for an extremely stupid amount of money, I ' m here to help.   I ' m an SEO expert with a domain name addiction, so who better to help you understand these ugly outliers?   A quick word about one of the metrics I ' m using below:   DR stands for Domain Rating, and it is a logarithmic scale that Ahrefs gives a domain based on the authority of the sites linking to it. Higher = better.   NameJet and SnapNames:   -   $12,701   -   DR 65   This very long URL has over 2200 domains linking to it which …   is a lot, in case you ' re wondering. Not only does it have 2200 domains linking to it, but a lot of these links are from super hard-to-get, highly authoritative,

12 recent end user domain name sales

  A deck installer, a screenshot software app, and a generator company bought domain names.   Sedo ' s top public sale this past week was for $65,000. A SafeNames client bought this domain, but I ' m not sure who the end buyer is.   Someone got a steal on for £3,000. I wish I had seen that listing!   Here ' s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $12,000   -   Decking company C&L Ward bought this domain and forwards it to its main website.   EURO   6,000   -   This domain forwards to the matching .app domain, which in turn references the matching .de domain. Schmect is a direct-to-consumer platform for food producers. $5,000   -   This domain forwards to a development page on   EasyScreenshot .com $4,960   -   Easy Screenshot offers screenshotting software. $4,475   -   I don ' t know for sure, bu