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A baker's dozen end user sales at Sedo - NiceNIC.NET

  A recipe blogger, a Greek supermarket chain, and a senior housing company bought domain names.   Sedo ' s top sale this week was for $275,000. The name doesn ' t resolve, and its Whois record is private. There are a handful of trademarks on SkyWin, so perhaps it ' s one of those companies. Besides the price, this sale is notable because it was a SedoMLS sale through Namecheap.   The marketplace also sold for $100,000. It ' s too early to tell who bought that domain, too.   Here ' s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could figure out the buyer. You can view previous lists like this here.   EURO   12,000   -   The same company that bought for   EURO   150,000 and, more recently, for   EURO   2,990, bought this domain and forwards it to Termine is an online calendaring tool. $9,000   -   ACT Inc, a business consulting and technology firm, bought th

19 end user sales from the holidays - NiceNIC.NET

  End users bought these domains over the holidays.   Last week, Sedo published sales from the last three weeks. I posted the end user sales from the most recent list last week.   Today, let ' s look at the end user sales from two weeks over the holidays. You can view previous lists like this here. $80,500   -   Temu, a popular shopping app and site, bought this domain and forwards it to Apparently, it has a radio test problem with its domain. $8,888   -   BlueCallom, an innovation consulting firm, forwards this domain to its website. $8,800   -   OMH is a digital branding company.   EURO   8,400   -   Yucon is a camper made by Frankia-GP GmbH. It forwards this domain to a subdomain on about the camper. $8,695   -   Software and design company Capicua bought this domain, which it forwards to its longer domain $5,867   -   Neope is a payments service.   Stairvil

Lastest end user domain name sales - NiceNIC.NET

  A shipping company, a property management software company, and a real estate business bought domain names.   Sedo dropped three weeks of domain sales lists this week after the holiday. I decided I ' d start with the most recent one and then go back and pick up the others. So the list below includes sales from the past 7-10 days.   I switched from PC to Mac over the holidays. I thought the biggest struggle would be learning the keyboard shortcuts. But it turns out it ' s software. For example, when creating these sales posts, I typically dump all the names in Watch My Domains Pro. I look for ownership info and then check out sites that point to non-parking servers. In the older version of the software I ran on Windows, I could double-click names to open them in a browser window. In both the Mac and latest universal editions, you can ' t double-click. There ' s also a different UI. So I ' m getting used to those things, but it takes a bit longer to do things right