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Identity Digital to make 50k premiums available this month | NiceNIC.NET

  Premium domains of,, and will be available in July.   Domain name registry Identity Digital will make about 50,000 previously reserved   domain   names   available as premium registrations next month.   The company will release the names through the registrar channel under its premium model, meaning prices will be higher than other domains in the same top level domains.   While the domains will be from 263 extensions, many of the names will be from .pro. Identity Digital acquired .pro through its Afilias acquisition. The company says .pro registrations have increased 40% year over year. Many of the premium domains are one, two and three characters.   Domains will be released through an early access program similar to how   new top level domains   are typically launched. Early access will be run as a Dutch auction, with prices decreasing through five phases over seven days.   Early access begins on July 11, and general availability on July 18.   Source from

Need a reliable server hosting solution for your Bitcoin operations? | NiceNIC.NET

  Looking for reliable server hosting for your Bitcoin operations? Look no further! Our cutting-edge hosting services provide a secure and efficient environment for your Bitcoin mining or trading activities. With robust infrastructure and top-tier security measures, we ensure maximum uptime and protection for your valuable digital assets. Trust us to power your Bitcoin journey with seamless server hosting solutions.

End user domain sales that fell through the cracks | NiceNIC.NET

  A video game payments company, a translation site, and a group opposed to advances in AI bought   domain names .   Each week, I create a list of end user domain name sales completed at Sedo. Finding end user sales is tricky since most Whois records are blocked these days. I usually need the domains to be developed or forwarded to determine who bought the domains.   Not everyone puts their domain to use the moment they buy it. So I recently went through the Sedo sales list from the last week of April, about two months ago, to find any domains that have been developed since I first reviewed the list.   Here ' s the original list of end user sales from April, and below are domains that have been developed since then. You can see previous end user sales lists here. $24,321 - Neon works with game developers to allow their players to purchase in-game items using out-of-game storefronts. $7,500 - Odd is developing a system called Omnis. Its site does a good job ex

11 end user domain name sales from this past week | NiceNIC.NET

  A cruise discount site, an equestrian course, and an apprenticeships database bought   domain names .   A .org domain led Sedo's weekly public domain sales list, which included a handful of five-figure domain sales.   Here's a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $33,000-This will be a free, searchable database of apprenticeships. EURO 20,000-This will be a gambling site. $10,000-Whois lists Samuel Younge in Florida as the buyer. Googling around, I found a connection to a company called Asclepius Rod, which links to a site called Andronics, which mentions religion. So make of that what you will. $10,000-The domain forwards to the site for Hall Labs, a company that commercializes inventions that tackle various societal challenges. I'm not sure what this domain is for. $9,900-Pavlus Travel bought this domain to promote disco

The domains in Spain stay mainly in .com, but… | NiceNIC.NET

  .Com  domain name   is king in Spain, but there are some common alternatives.   I spent the past couple of weeks on vacation in Spain, so my apologies for the lower volume of domain news during that time.   I started my travels in Barcelona and then spent a few days in Madrid while taking a day trip to Segovia.   It ’ s always interesting to see which top level domains people use in different countries. When you leave the U.S., you realize it ’ s not just a .com world.   To be sure, the most common top level domain I saw when traveling was .com. But there was a higher proportion of domains than I see in the U.S.   In Barcelona, the most common alternative was   .cat , which shouldn ’ t come as a surprise. I also saw a couple of .barcelona domains, especially at major tourist sites.   The other TLD I noticed was Spain ’ s   .es   country code domain.   In Madrid, everything I noticed was .com or .es.   Source from Domain Name Wire   Domain Name - Register Domain - Transfer Do