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What people are registering in .xyz domain name vs. what is selling in the aftermarket - NiceNIC.NET

  People are registering lots of web3 terms in .xyz, but these aren ' t the names leading the aftermarket.   . Xyz   domain name has become a popular top level domain name for web3 projects. But most of the .xyz domains that sell for big bucks don ' t have web3 terms in them.   Consider the 18 five-figure .xyz domain sales this year that were developed as of May. They ' re mostly one word domains like, and   Only one of these domains has a hint of web3 in the second level domain   -   In some ways, including a web3 term in the second level is redundant because .xyz is synonymous with web3.   Yet, when it comes to what people are hand-registering in .xyz, they ' re all-in on web3 terms. Here are the most common words registered in .xyz last month:   .web . art . meta . app . bet . verse . shop . dao . nft . tech Half of these terms are directly tied to web3.   There are two possible conclusions. One is that people are ha

20 recent end user domain name sales including Cisco and Mercedes - NiceNIC.NET

  One of the fun things about making these end user   domain name   sales lists is the companies and industries I learn about. For example, this week I came across a company that makes cricket bats, and I learned a bit about the process, the wood they use, etc. I also discovered a cool whiskey app I talk about in more detail below.   I was traveling last week and didn ' t get to the end user list, so this week ' s list includes sales from the past two Sedo reports. You can view previous lists like this here. $43,125   -   QTrials is launching this health product later this year. Its coming soon page states,   " 40 years trying to reinvent health and the answer was Facil. "   Facil is Spanish for easy. $25,000   -   Plaio ehf. provides software to the pharmaceutical industry. It uses $15,000   -   Ravell & Friends is an EDM music group. This domain forwards to $10,000   -   Biofinity in Mala

Blockchain domain name company Unstoppable Domains Sued - NiceNIC.NET

  Blockchain domain name   company Unstoppable Domains has threatened to sue a Handshake domain name service for offering registrations under the .wallet Handshake domain name.   Unstoppable Domains threatens rival Handshake domain name The company sent a cease & desist letter (PDF) to, a company that acts as a registry and registrar for Handshake domain names, earlier this month.   Unlike other blockchain domain systems that only offer second level registrations, Handshake allows people to register alt-root top level domains. The registrants of those top level domains can then offer second level domain names. The owner of the Handshake .wallet top level domain offers second level domains through   In its demand letter, Unstoppable Domains states:   … As we know you are aware, Unstoppable Domains has sold .wallet top level domain names for over a year. Unstoppable Domains therefore possesses trademark rights in the .wallet top level domain name (see U.S. Seri