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Google Got domain name - NiceNIC.NET

  Company acquired   domain name   that ' s often a typo for people trying to access the search engine.   Multinational technology company Google owns thousands of domain names in a portfolio consisting of ultra-premium names such as and brand protection domains like Gooogle .com.   Google recently added another domain name to its portfolio that could fall into both the premium domain and brand protection brackets.   According to Whois data, Google is now the registrant of Goggle .com after the domain moved from Uniregistry to Google ' s MarkMonitor account this week. Goggle .com was previously registered to Goggle .com, Inc. Previous versions of Goggle .com have been excluded from ' s Wayback Machine. The search giant has also secured domain names Goggle .net and Goggle .org from, Inc.   It comes over a decade after Goggle .com made headlines after Google filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum to secure, Goggle. net

This week's end user domain buyers including a soccer club - NiceNIC.NET

  A soccer club, a water treatment company and a kid ' s clothing company bought   domain names .   .Xyz domains aren't selling as hot as they were a few months ago but they are still selling. This week Sedo sold for EURO 25,000 and for $10,800. It's not clear who bought these domains.   Here's a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could determine a buyer. You can view previous lists like this here. $9,990 - I believe the buyer is CVV Inter Willemstad, commonly known as Willemstad, a semi-professional football club in CuraƧao. EURO 5,550 - CECO Environmental Corp. (Nasdaq: CECE) bought this domain after acquiring DS21 Co., Ltd., a South Korean-based design and manufacturing firm specializing in innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions $5,000 - Whois shows Stekno srls, a software development company. The domain forwards to, a site that lists

Newfold domain auction sales led by - NiceNIC.NET

  H ere ' s what sold on SnapNames and NameJet last month.   Newfold Digital ' s domain auction platforms SnapNames and NameJet had a good September, led by the sale of for $84,999.   The platforms combined for 102 sales of $2,000 or more during the month, totaling $553,000.   Here are some other sales that stand out:   AspergerSyndrome .org $20,222   -   This domain was previously used for a site dedicated to autism. $20,000   -   A fantastic domain for a smart home or connected home service.   LeonardoDiCaprio .org $19,500   -   Like the first .org on this list, the value comes from it being a previously developed site. In this case, the site was for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The name probably dropped because the foundation is now part of Earth Alliance. The domain now points to a casino page. $19,001   -   One of the best initialisms for a .org domain. $7,778   -   A wonderful brand name.   Source from Domain Na

Elon Musk's SpaceX loses Starlink domain battle with a Mexican company

  SpaceX ' s cybersquatting challenge fails.   SpaceX has lost a cybersquatting challenge against a company in Mexico that registered the   domain name   StarGroup is a company that offers telecommunications and entertainment services in Mexico. It was established 60 years ago and has several brand names including Star TV, Star Go, Star Line and Star Group.   The company applied for trademarks in Mexico for Starlink for communications starting in 2015. This was about the time that SpaceX announced plans for its satellite service, although it does not appear SpaceX began using the Starlink name back then.   In November 2017, SpaceX legal representatives contacted StarGroup, initially not naming its client, to see if StarGroup would sell its Star Line and Starlink marks. StarGroup said it was concerned that the prospective purchaser might offer competing services. At that point, SpaceX ' s lawyers revealed their client and explained that   " SPACEX is dedic

This week's 17 end-user domain name sales

  An insulation company, a crypto service and a freelance marketplace bought   domain names .   Sedo ' s top public sale this past week was for   EURO   75,000. Google Translate says this translates in Spanish as   " estates "   or   " ranches, "   so this could be a real estate purchase. The domain doesn ' t resolve yet and the Whois record is protected.   Here ' s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo for which I could determine a buyer. You can view previous lists like this here. $25,000   -   This domain forwards to, a site that sells home appliances and electronics. $9,000   -   Infranova is a software development company. $7,700   -   Thermo-Tech Mechanical Insulation, Inc. sells mechanical insulation products and uses the domain name $7,600   -   La Casa del Arborista is a supply store for arborists that sel