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Three Steps To Help You Choose The Perfect Domain Name With .cyou - NiceNIC.NET

  .CYOU  Domain Registration  $3.29  with ICANN Accredited Registrar  NiceNIC.NET Choosing the best domain name for your website is an extremely important decision because it serves as a powerful marketing tool. Not only will your domain name be connected with your website for a long time, but it will also play an important role in the evolution of your brand. On the other hand, finding the perfect domain name for your website entails looking for an identity that captures the essence of your company and helps you stand out from the crowd. So it's safe to state that all you need id a domain name with the .cyou extension.   What Is The Purpose Of .cyou Domain Extension? The .cyou domain has been carefully positioned as a one-of-a-kind new domain extension for today's generation of creative individuals and innovative brands seeking to establish a strong online presence. The .cyou domain extension is ideal for companies wanting to rebrand themselves and appeal to a younger audience

Elon Musk reminds everyone why they need their own domain name - NiceNIC.NET

  Social media services are gatekeepers. That ' s why you need to control your online presence.   Elon Musk ' s tenure as the head of Twitter has been full of surprises. Today, he dropped a bombshell: you can no longer promote your presence on other social networks.   Or something like that. Twitter ' s official rule states (this was originally linked to the rule, but that page has now been removed, throwing even more confusion into that status of the rule announce yesterday):   At both the Tweet level and the account level, we will remove any free promotion of prohibited 3rd-party social media platforms, such as linking out (i.e. using URLs) to any of the below platforms on Twitter, or providing your handle without a URL:   Prohibited platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Post and Nostr 3rd-party social media link aggregators such as, Examples: " follow me @username on Instagram " " "

CentralNic goes vertical with another acquisition of traffic sources - NiceNIC.NET

  CentralNic (AIM: CNIC), a rollup of domain name and online advertising businesses, announced a small acquisition today.   The company is paying $5.2 million for a collection of   " revenue generating niche websites "   from multiple sellers. It did not name the sites.   CentralNic said it is already monetizing part of the websites '   traffic, so it ' s going vertical by acquiring some of the traffic sources to its ad networks. It has previously acquired some of the resellers on platforms it has acquired, as well as websites.   The company said the sites should generate $1.9 million in annual revenue, but this will translate into only $1.2 million of additional revenue because of the pass-through impact of already monetizing some of the sites '   ad inventory.   It will be interesting to see what CentralNic does next year. Earlier this month, Ben Crawford stepped down as CEO of the company after leading it since 2009. The company suggested it won ' t be as a

Sedo end user sales led by an interesting .org domain name - NiceNIC.NET

  A wireless audio company, a crypto company and a clothing company bought domain names.   Sedo sold some nice mid-five-figure domains this week, but only one can be directly tied to an end user at this point.   Here ' s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.   FTP .org $35,000   -   File Transfer Protocol? Nope. It stands for F*ck The Population and forwards to the longer URL in .com. $10,000   -   DTS Play-Fi sells wireless audio systems. It forwards this domain to   Gold365 .com $9,988   -   It looks like this will be some sort of betting site. $9,995   -   People ' s Partnership is a UK financial firm that recently rebranded from B&CE. $8,800   -   The domain is registered to Stiftung Grundeinkommen gGmbH, which advocates for basic incomes. I don ' t know what this domain is for.   EURO   5,500   -   UAB Leverix Digital As