End user domain sales up to $100,000 | NiceNIC.NET


End user domain sales up to $100,000 | NiceNIC.NET

A "smart pole" company, a daycare finder, and a green energy company bought domain names.


This week, Sedo released sales lists for the last three weeks. In this post, I uncover some of the end user sales from the July 16 report.


Sedo has always been strong with ccTLD domains, and the July 16 report is a great example. It included 30 ccTLD domains compared to just 16 .com. Of course, the list isn't a complete picture. Sedo only includes sales of $2,000 or more, and some sales are private.


Here's a list of end user domain name sales from the July 16 list. You can view previous lists like this here.


Anxiety.org $100,000-There was an existing site on this domain, so the buyer might have paid extra for SEO value. The new site is more than just a mental health site. In fact, the top article today is about getting rid of belly fat. That seems like a way to make people more anxious.


Flowcart.com $5,000-Flowcart is a Shopify add-on to sell outdoor equipment on a dropship basis.


ZeroSite.com $4,000-Zero Site sells "smart poles" to municipalities that include sensors, cameras, Wi-Fi, and other systems.


EuroMarkt.de EURO 3,900-EuroMarkt sells discounted general merchandise.


Deinekita.de EURO 3,000-This domain is German for "your daycare" and the site helps people find daycare providers.


Muuttopalvelu.com EURO 3,000-This domain is Finnish for moving service, and that's precisely what the buyer is using it for.


CashTalk.de EURO 2,990-This new forum is about ways to make money.


911info.com $2,750-The Marcowitz Law Firm uses this domain to find clients who have toxic exposure claims related to 9/11.


Qpower.eu EURO 2,500-Qpower is a green energy company.


Marlene.es $2,350-Marlene is a European apple brand.

Source from Domain Name Wire


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